"Dedicated To The Healers…"

Greetings! Welcome to the Don’t Recycle Project! You’re probably wondering why in the heck we are promoting NOT to recycle right?

Trust, we LOVE Mother Earth, so please continue to recycle all of your environmental waste such as plastic, metal, etc. However when it comes to things like trauma, low self esteem, addiction, depression, and anxiety, we are on a mission to raise the awareness so that we can heal these diseases not only for ourselves and our families, but ultimately the world. This is our way of giving back and cleaning up the planet.

This community is dedicated to YOU, the healers, the rebels, and the black sheep who have stood up to the challenge of not only disrupting, but BREAKING the curses that have trickled down through so many of our bloodlines generation after generation. It stops here. You were CHOSEN.

It's time to HEAL. Welcome home.

With love,


DRP Book Club

This month’s choice is “The power of the subconscious mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy! Such a powerful read! So many gems that will open your mind and expand your awareness!

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