Meet The Founder

Having over 6 years of experience as a psychiatric registered nurse, Roze has witnessed her fair share of what she used to perceive as trauma. Not
 only is she a nurse, she’s a full time mom, a music artist, and the host of Don’t Recycle Project Podcast.  Empowering others has always been her passion and what she believes to be her calling. 

The road to healing hasn’t always been smooth for Roze, having struggled with her own toxic patterns, and trauma cycles, from childhood, and even into her adult years. Dealing with low self-esteem, to overcoming her fears and limiting beliefs. She wants to share her journey of growth and love with others who are doing the work in their own lives.

She is motivated daily by her own teenage daughters. “Their presence in my life has truly made me accountable for who I am, and how I show up, the goal is to heal the trauma so that it doesn’t repeat.”