About Us

Don’t Recycle Project was created with one main objective, which is to “BREAK GENERATIONAL CURSES.” We are using our brand to promote healing, by raising the awareness of what trauma is, and educating the masses so that we can finally break free from the chains that have hindered so many of us from reaching our potential. The reality is, we are born into a world full of beliefs that are forced onto us, from the way we think, to who we are and what we are capable of. Don’t Recycle Project’s mission is to make you take a closer look at your life and question your “why” behind your behaviors and understand what programs are running that no longer should be. You deserve to believe that you are worthy of living a beautiful life. Our goal is to remove the junk that has been planted into many of our minds, so that we can start fresh, and move forward healthy and whole.

P.S. The Project is YOU.